Multi-Tasking? Try Audio Books

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Audio books haven’t picked up on a large scale in India, it is perhaps because the utility of this medium is not quite well-understood. There is a distinct hesitation amongst people, even voracious readers, regarding audio books – even more than they’ve resisted eBooks, perhaps. I did too. We are so attuned to the fact that a book is ‘read’ and not ‘heard’ (from the time you learn to read), that the idea seems quite preposterous. But hey, this is ‘reading too! A hard copy, an eBook, Braille or an audio book – they all make up reading. When the other three have been accepted, why are we so slow in accepting audio books? I spoke to few friends and learnt that a couple of them do all their ‘reading’ while in the car, when they are mostly driven to and fro, from work (or elsewhere). Makes sense. When you have a busy lifestyle, you cannot take time out to physically read. But you can fit in audio books even while doing other things. The idea grew on me and I started taking my phone along, on my daily walks. Only this time, I wasn’t listening to songs, but stories on audible, the audio book app. There are more such apps and which one you select to use is completely a personal choice.

They are entertaining

Yes, entertaining. When you are reading a book yourself, you are just reading it. Monotonous, black & white. An audio book, on the other hand, has a soothing voice reading the story out to you, with all its vocal expression. Not only does listening to an audio book prove to be calming, it also entertains, keeping your tied to the plot. The benefit of having the story read out to you with all its emotions, guarantees that you live it more closely.

You can multi-task

Yes, you don’t need to ignore your chores or do them grudgingly. Just plug your earphones, play an audio book and get on with your work. Your chores and even your projects can get done, all the while listening to your audio book.

Make multi-tasking interesting

Right. Daily chores can be boring. Even gym can be boring at times. Going for a walk, is definitely boring for me. But if you are listening to an audio story, it will keep you so engrossed that working along would be quite enjoyable.

You can read faster

Reading a paperback takes time. Not only does it need you to take time off, but even after that, you will need to devote good amount of time. Honestly, that is difficult in today’s age and time. An audio book can be listened to when you are being driven to work, or cooking, or exercising. You’ll be surprised how quickly you finish one book and move on to the other.

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