Book Review: The Princess of a Whorehouse

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A strong blurb and a powerful cover page are the biggest drawing point for a reader to this book. This book aces in both the aspects. The cover page is fiery, dark and thought provoking. The synopsis gives us an idea as to why the cover page is what it is. I honestly loved it at one go.

Ramya loses her husband very early in life. To fend for her daughter – Aparajita and herself, she reaches Delhi. Forced by the evil family folks, she had trusted, she gets into prostitution. Aparajita has only one dream, which was her father’s dream for her. She wanted to study and become independent. Is she able to fulfill her dream? Or is she forced to get into the vicious circle of flesh trade, like her mother?  These are the questions The Princess of a Whorehouse focuses on.

The story moves at a fast pace and keeps you at the edge of the seat, always. the characters of Ramya and Aparajita’s are built well. The book spans across many years; but details of every time frame that the story covers isn’t there. So the connect is missing! Each and every agony that the characters face, doesn’t really hit hard. This what the book lacks the most. There are just a couple of places where one does feel a tinge or two.

It is a quick read and I personally enjoyed reading this one. Yes, there have been a lot of authors who have attempted this genre and I have read many of them but there is something about Mayank Sharma‘s writing. It is lucid and he is a story teller in the true sense. Every chapter interests you and one is curious to know how the story will unfold. Though I was not very happy with the epilogue. I did not agree with the final decision that Aparajita took. The way her character was built through out the book, it did not match!

It is a quick read. If you want to breeze through a story which is a cauldron of myriad of emotions  then pick this one up. Mayank Sharma leaves you with the names of the characters etched in your heart, for a few days atleast!

Title: The Princess of a Whorehouse
Author: Mayank Sharma
Publisher/ Imprint: Notion Press
Pages: 336
Genre/ Sub-Genre: Fiction/ Coming of Age
Rating: 3.25 of 5.00
Reviewed for: Author

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