The Homing Pigeons Art the Heart Contest

Two hearts that’s what you have to put on paper. You are free to use any art form; your are free to use any type of colour (crayons, pencils, pens, paints…anything) or even not to use any colour. You are even free to use inspiration. The only condition is it should be done in hand on paper. No computer kalakaari.

After you have art-ed the hearts on paper, click a picture and upload using the form given below.

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Book Review: The Homing Pigeons

Part of South Asian Challenge 2013, Debut Indian Writers Challenge 2013 and Reading Challenge 2013: First Reads Time does funny things to us. And so do circumstances. It is true for life but fiction just emphasizes it better. Like The Homing Pigeons does. Sid Bahri‘s debut novel is a much needed fresh breath in the  stagnating romance sagas that present day Indian literature sees. The book has its

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