Srishti’s Straight From The Heart Contest

This month of Love get ready to give us some love stories and WIN love-ly gifts! It’s Love…so it’s SIMPLE. It’s Love so it’… COMPLEX. It’s Love so it’s definitely WIN-WORTHY. Write on…  Its’s a new year but the rules are pretty much the same…Read the rules listed below. Write a short story adhering to those rules. Upload the story using the form below. Go

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Question The Two-Headed Man

Welcome to the detective mind(s) of the Two-Headed Man This Halloween The Tales Pensieve & Fingerprint! Publishing bring you a chance to get ALL of your problems solved by the infamous twins.      Presenting the protagonists of An.Al – The Origins – Andy and Alfie, 
who are here, in The Pensieve, all month long to help you with your problems. Somebody messing about

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The Homing Pigeons Art the Heart Contest

Two hearts that’s what you have to put on paper. You are free to use any art form; your are free to use any type of colour (crayons, pencils, pens, paints…anything) or even not to use any colour. You are even free to use inspiration. The only condition is it should be done in hand on paper. No computer kalakaari.

After you have art-ed the hearts on paper, click a picture and upload using the form given below.

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