This Holi It’s Time For these Holi-Vali Beautiful Coffee Table Books

Beautiful Coffee Table Books

We all love our favourite festival of colours – Holi soo much. Isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be fun to see it come alive all through the year, whenever we want. Yes, Yes…we know and we bring you exactly that this Holi. We have complied a list of gorgeous coffee table books that capture the true and beautiful spirit of Holi

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This is amazing. Did you know about this Indo-French Connection?

Did you know India and French have a literary connection? Lets Explore! Many Indian origin writers have written in French and many french writers have written about India. And we being we, the World of Indian Reads, wanted to celebrate this beautiful connection. What better day than today! It’s the International Francophone Day. 20th March, observed as the International Francophone Day, is

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10 Best Women Writers from India

Have you been reading? Reading women writers? May you read, read more and read more women writers. If you ask why, I believe that women have been adding more sensitivity to writing in India. I have been brought up on a staple of books written by women in Bangla, and they are all amazingly touching and close to reality. Women

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