This Holi It’s Time For these Holi-Vali Beautiful Coffee Table Books

Beautiful Coffee Table Books

We all love our favourite festival of colours – Holi soo much. Isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be fun to see it come alive all through the year, whenever we want. Yes, Yes…we know and we bring you exactly that this Holi.

We have complied a list of gorgeous coffee table books that capture the true and beautiful spirit of Holi between their pages. Posterity forever. Here you go:

Beautiful Coffee Table Books on Holi @talespensieveHoli: The Festival of Color, the Festival of Spring (Adventures in India)

The book chronicles from a kid’s perspective the journey of brothers Sam and Micaiah as they celebrate one of the most colorful holidays in the world, India’s “Holi!” Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, the book is 30 pages of gorgeousness.

India Five Senses by Rayman Gill Rai Beautiful Coffee Table Books on Holi @talespensieve

India 5 Senses presents a series of pictures taken by photographers who bring forth a fresh perspective and new-age aesthetic. Published by Roli Books the images in this book, almost entirely crowd-sourced, were compiled after an online competition inviting photographers to share their work. A compelling foreword by the celebrated film-maker Shyam Benegal puts the book in perspective of a country that is an enigma to the world.

Beautiful Coffee Table Books on Holi @talespensieveBraj Ki Holi : The Divine Colors Of Lord Krishna

Published by Indian Soul Publication with 98 pages, the book showcases the haloed ladscape of Braja where Lord Krishna was born & the people that so revered him & who have cherished the tradition of Holi. This book isn’t simply an explosion of Colour and conviviality.It is about the legacy of Lord Krishna’s greatness with breath taking colour photographs of the festival of Holi , the landscape of Braja & various places & temples around Mathura, Vrindavan, Dauji etc. in Uttar Pradesh India.

Beautiful Coffee Table Books on Holi @talespensieveHoli Encounters by Mehedi Rahman

The 40 pager book written by Bangladeshi writer, this photo book is a journey through her memory, the faces she met, the surprises and the encounters she had with the small Hindu community in Old Dhaka.

Check these out! These are a colour riot 🙂

Let us know if you know of more books that cover Holi in it’s colourful entirety.

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