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Here’s something to rake the filmi imagination and satisfy the book hoarder in you, Pensievers…

cast and WinHello Casting Director (Dear Pensiever)Read the character sketches listed below. Cast an actor/ actress from the hindi film industry to the characters. Answer in the form below. Go dream about the movie having a 100 crore weekend, till you get a winner announcement eMail from us (p.s. you can trash the dream sequence thereafter, if  your producer cannot afford your dream cast 😉 ).


The Killer is a youthful loner, about 22 years old, but looks more like 18. Average features, but hawk like intelligent eyes embedded in his gaunt face, just below his large wide forehead. His complexion would be described as dark, and his lithe body can slither between fairly narrow gaps, or easily up a drainpipe. Passersby would generally never give him a second glance.

Inspector Virkar is an athletic looking man with swarthy features in his early 30s. His attitude is one of a person who is always ready to jump into a street fight and come out the winner. His long limbs aid his brisk stride and add to his efficient personality and his ramrod-straight stance. Virkar’s eyes are always clear—clear to the point of being expressionless—almost as if he doesn’t care how much damage he will inflict on anyone who doesn’t follow his orders.

Rashi Hunerwal, 26, is an ambitious crime journalist with a TV channel. Sharp-featured, attractive face. Eyes: honey brown but clad in sky blue contact lenses at most times. Skin: flawless. Nose: sharp and straight enough to be called sexy. Hair: tightly curled and hanging firmly in place. Lips: full and ready to part and break into a smile that would display a perfect set of teeth. Smile: her famous television smile that was known to disarm even the hardest heart.

The Rules:

1. The contest will start on 16.08.2013 and run through 31.08.2013 till 11:45 p.m.

2. The contest is open to all residents in India.

3. The casting adjudged the best will WIN a signed copy of both Mumbaistan and Compass Box Killer with a personal message from Author & Flimaker Piyush Jha.

4. Only one entry per person is allowed.

5. Please do not eMail your answer. Only submissions received through the form below will be eligible for the contest.

6. By submitting your answer for the contest you hereby agree to all the above stated rules, that govern Cast and Win Contest.

7. If you have any queries concerning the contest, do not hesitate to write to: Please use #CAWC in the subject line.

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