Gods and Mankind’s Godly Wrestle: inKonversation with Author Ajay Kansal

Dr. Ajay Kansal is a professor and consultant in clinical pathology. During his medical practice, he encountered many suffering patients, which drilled a hole in his faith in gods. Gradually, he realized that gods and religions were doing nothing to resuscitate the sufferings of humanity, in-fact fake promises of priests were only making the sufferers complacent; they were only worshiping rather thantaking any action.

Ajay began conceiving that gods and religions were human imaginations. During the last decade, he studied anthropology and history of religions seeking answers to his questions. That knowledge attested his belief and this led to his wanting to spread the acquired knowledge among others, thus leading to his debut book.

I loved The Evolution of Gods for the research, understanding and poise the narrative brings to the reader. It is a perspective shifter. I got chatty with man behind the book – the WordMaverick of August 2012. Here:

A Pathologist to a wordsmith, how did the transition happen?

It was gradual process. For a long period, I was curious about religions and gods; in the quest, I studied philosophy, history and anthropology. That study carved a clear-cut picture in my mind about the evolution of gods and religions. After that visualization, I had several questions: ‘Why do people still worship gods; is the whole show in the name of gods an illusion; is someone there to hear prayers or the temple bells?’ The show was funny as well as serious. I answered myself; people do not know the truth. I recollected that I could reveal the truth only after a long study; I assumed that a common educated person could not spare such a time. At this point, I visualized writing a concise book to share the knowledge with others, at least the skeptics.

When was the first time your ever wrote/ discovered a writing streak?

Around seven years ago, when I began to write my diary.

Most debut writers have an interesting, often struggler’s tale about their manuscripts and publishers. What’s yours?

As usual, several publishers rejected my book. Moreover, they were right; to publish a new author is a potential risk. After all, publishers are promoting business and are looking for sale not to encourage literature. At last, HarperCollins agreed to publish in the light of an altogether new concept.

After a non-fiction on religion, what are the genres you want to write in future?

Although not yet ascertained my new book may be a non-fiction self help book on health e.g. The Secrets of Clinical Reports.

What’s next from Ajay Kansal?

I am not planning any endeavor. Rather, I am getting selfish and wish to spare time for myself.

Your words of wisdom for newbie writers.

This is a very competitive field; only the person with a passion for writing should attempt. Already established authors have a big advantage against a new author. Apart from publishers, readers are also willing or inclined to read the known authors. One very important fundamental difference: most professions begin to generate money or fame as soon as one starts; on the contrary, fruit of writing appears only after a long period. You need to conceive a plot, prepare a finished manuscript, quest for publisher and then wait for its success, which is again unpredictable. You may sustain to work, struggle and wait that long period only if you have a strong passion for writing. In my opinion, literature should be better considered a hobby than a profession.

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