Book Review: Wrong Means Right End

Part of  South Asian Challenge 2012

Title: Wrong Means Right End
Author: Varsha Dixit
Publisher: Rupa Publications
ISBN: 978-81-291-2046-5
Pages: 311
Genre: Fiction
Rating: 3.75 of 5
Reviewed for: Author

wrong means right end

Varsha Dixit is back with her brand of Indian Romance and how!
She returns with the sequel to in this book with some old and new characters, some dramatic moments and some breathtaking chemistry that gives us an out-and-out Indian-ness filled erotica romance. A splendidly weaved tale of human relationships, emotions and equations.

Sneha Gupta is the firebrand 29-something – divorcee and single mother to the adorable Advey; the only men she has ever loved are the one born of her and the one she is born of – her son and her father. Her world is Nandini – her more than best friend, Aditya Sarin – Nandini’s husband and Advey. Enter Gayatri – Aditya’s snobbish ex-fiancée who still has the hots for him and with her is her family friend – the hotness amplified Nikhil Chandel. Gayatri wants to get her ex-fiancée back, Aditya is confused, Nandini is guilt ridden, Nikhil would stand by Gayatri because she is family and Sneha will go to every possible extent to save her best friend’s marriage. Amidst all this there is this tantalizing chemistry between Nikhil and Sneha which both of them do not wish to confess and cannot suppress either and thus Miss. Firebrand and Mr. Controlled Cool end up in brushes with each other, too often ending in a battle of wits. Relationships run deep as do complexities and while Gayatri finds a conniving partner in one of Nandini’s close friend’s, Sneha and Nandini develop differences, Nikhil and Sneha come close till Nikhil’s ex-wife surfaces and Aditya’s love creates craters between him and Nandini. Underlying all these is a shimmering desire between two people who make every effort to stay away from each other – A middle class advertising professional Sneha and a jewelry business tycoon Nikhil.

Wrong Means Right End is a beautifully narrated tale of romanticism spiked with friendship, wrong sides to the right relationships, emotions and hormones. Varsha adds a dash of our growing up years read Mills and Boons with an attractive, strong, restraining hero and a stirrer, emotions ignoring, sexy heroine in Nikhil and Sneha with a dash of Indian styled romance both emotional and physical. While on the surface it is a love story between two opposites, it imbibes in the storyline a stronger message about marriages and their types. She deals well with the different relationships and the emotions accompanying them expertly and delivers a fun, racy ride. A hiccup filled ride but a very engrossing read that can be enjoyed irrespective of whether you have read the first one or not.

Don’t miss this return to the Indian-styled romance this weekend!

Happy Reading!

A grand Thank You to Varsha Dixit for arranging to send me the book. Lady your stories are a rocker!

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