Spin A Tale Contest

The Tales Pensieve has always been about TALES.

It does not matter where the tales are from, who talks about them, what they talk about or what age they talk from – what matters is that they talk and we hear.

This month we think giving you prompts and then see you spin a tale around those will be fun.  So here it is, giving you direction as well as flexibility to spin a quick, short tale…….

The Tales Pensieve & CouponDunia.in present:


The ritual is simple. Read the rules listed below. Write a story adhering to those rules. Upload the story using the form below. Go have coffee, read a book, twiddle your thumbs, celebrate raksha bandhan or go on vacation till you get a winner announcement eMail from us.

The Rules:

1. Theme: Write a story/ tale around this collection of prompts

FF Aug 2013

2. The story should necessarily include prompt 1 and at least one of the remaining four prompts. You are free to use all or any number of combinations from 2 to 5.

3. The contest will start on 01.08.2013 and run through 31.08.2013 till 11:45 p.m.

4. The contest is open to all residents in India.

5. Only entries in English will be considered eligible for the contest.

6. Only submissions in .doc, .docx & PDF formats will be eligible for the contest.

7. Word limit: minimum 300 and maximum 1000 words.

8. The submission adjudged the best will receive a gift voucher, redeemable at Flipkart.com, worth Rs. 500/- from coupondunia.in

9. All the submissions will be judged by S.V. Divvaakar , bestselling author of Beaten By Bhagath and his decision will be final and acceptable in full.

10. Submitted entries should be your original work of fiction.

 11. The copyright of the submitted fiction stays with the writer. The submission is only for the purpose of this contest & The Tales Pensieve will not publish the story fully or partially in any format.

12. Only one entry per person is allowed.

13. Please do not eMail your story. Only submissions received through the form below will be eligible for the contest.

14. By submitting your story for the contest you hereby agree to all the above stated rules, that govern Spin A Tale Contest.

15. If you have any queries concerning the contest, do not hesitate to write to: Please use #SATC in the subject line.

SVDThe Judge: S.V. Divvaakar

S.V.Divvaakar (www.svdivvaakar.in) is a business professional who has retooled his years of business writing to take a stab at writing fiction. He has two books under his belt and a third one before a leading publisher. His second book Beaten by Bhagath! A tale of two writers is a well-intentioned peek  into realities of Indian publishing and a treat for all aspirants.  The book has received critical acclaim besides an entry into Crossword’s first long list.  Divvaakar also sponsored a National Author Mentorship Contest, whose winners would receive editorial guidance and marketing/ commercial/legal advice for the winning entries.

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