Confessions of a Reader: 8 Reasons Why I HAVE To Read?

Why do you buy so many books?
How can you read so many books?
Did you really read that thick book so far?

These and many more are the questions which are regularly posed to me by my friends and even strangers. Though strangers mostly ask me about my current read only when it is a thick book.

For my very first article on , I try to retrace – Why Do I Have to Read?

Well the simplest answer would be that it gives me immense pleasure and comfort to lose myself amidst the pages of a book.


Books centre me like an anchor avoiding the mindless drift which otherwise would have been my case.

reading anchors

I love books, I love to look at them, I love to smell them, I love to hold them and most of all I love to read them.

I love books

Ever since I got my Android Smartphone I also found the world of eBooks too. Most of the times you would find me lost in a book or staring into my phone where I would again be lost in some book.


Reading allows me multiple lives. It allows me to live life as different people from all around the world and from all the different time periods. I love how a good author uses words to bring not only the character but the entire scene alive in the depths of my mind and this is something you could never achieve while watching TV or movies.


I read whenever I get free time to make that free time useful. I read when I am traveling to pass the time during the travel. I read whenever I can. I almost always carry a book or magazine with me in my bag wherever I go, so that if I get time I can utilize that time by continuing my latest adventure in my current read.

read anywhere

I read when I am happy. I read when I am sad. I read when I am bored. I read when I am sleepy. I read when I am awake. I read when I can breathe and I read when sometimes I can’t breathe. If sometimes my heartbeat increases and I can’t breathe I would simply start reading and within few very quick minutes I would be normal again enjoying my book.

Most importantly, I read because reading was the original google. Whenever you had to search something your only option would have been to consult an encyclopedia or read the books.

ancient google

Tell me your reasons, Bookworms 🙂

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