Book Review: 10 Love Stories

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There is something about Short stories. You get done with them fast. Also if it is a collection of short stories then, you can relish many more stories (10 in this one) in one, which is like extra icing and chico chips on the cake for a reader. I like the fact that at the start of every story a brief has been mentioned about the author and his/ her preferences. Since there are 10 different stories I would like to review each one separately.

Crystal Cacophony by Jenny Sarto
This story is about Ahaana and her brother Pavan. It is quite a predictable narrative. But I like the fact that Jenny has written it very simply. And even though the reader is aware of what is going to happen next, you still want to read ahead. It is a pleasant read.

Delhi Times by Deepika Asthana
Rhea and Ashwin meet in an arranged marriage setup. Both are not willing for this meet, but they are forced to spend some time with each other. Whether they warm up to each other or no is the story of Delhi Times. It is a feel good read. It leaves you with an enormous smile and that is the magic of Asthana’s simplistic writing.

For Love of the Written Word by Natasha Gayari
This is a story about Riya, her boyfriend and her room mate Sweety. I liked the character of Sweety. I am a little biased towards characters that are portrayed as readers and writers. It is written well. The story progresses also well. I somehow was left a little perturbed with the climax. It didn’t sink in well and left a few questions unanswered.

Love? Bah! Humbug by Nirvana
This is a beautiful story of Nidhi and her boss Mr. G. I loved reading this story from the first word to the last word, not to forget smiling all through out. Nirvana has done a wonderful job carving this one out. It is crisp, interesting and the lovely characterization makes it for a splendid read.

Mind the Gap by Kobita Banerjee
I tried reading the first two pages of this story twice but somehow couldn’t comprehend what was happening. The reader can just skip this one as it develops no curiosity to read as you don’t go past the first few pages.

At the End of the Parade by Nilanjana Bose
This story has suspense to it. But the author has done a good job in maintaining it right till the end and has revealed it at the most apt time. Inspite of not knowing what is happening the reader remains connected to the story somehow and kudos to Nilanjana for this. The end obviously takes the reader by surprise.The reason for the turn is unclear but it is a fascinating read.

Right or Wrong by Summerita Rhayne
This is about a married couple Arnav, Raina and their son – Eshraf. This was for me the best story out of all the 10. The flow of the words, the choice of the words are pertinent. I almost cried (which is a 1st for me!!) reading the climax and Summerita should be credited for that, as it is brilliantly written. I can almost assure, that to just read this story one can buy this book. I read the story twice in 1 sitting (again a 1st) and that speaks volumes of how much I have loved this one. Summerita, you have definitely found a fan in me.

Speechlessly in Love by Varsha Dutta
This is a very different kind of a narrative. I have no complaints, but still some things are not believable. But I like the way Varsha has written it. It makes for a fine read.

The Transitional Boyfriend by Parmita Borah
This is a story about break up (everyone’s favorite). I must confess that I was pleasantly surprised with the way it ended. I had anticipated something else. Parmita deserves all the credit for this. She maintains a certain amount of curiosity all throughout and that makes it an intriguing read.

WhatsApp-ening to Me? by Palak Kapadia
Another feel good and a splendidly written tale. This is the new form of writing and rightly so, it is  catching up because as a reader, you enjoy reading it.

Overall a fine collection of short stories. Worth it. Go, Read!

Title : 10 Love Stories: An Indiblogger Selection
Authors: Jenny Sarto, Natasha Gayari, Summerita Rhayne, Parmita Borah, Nirvana,Deepika Asthana, Kobita Banerjee, Varsha Dutta, Palak Kapadia, Nilanjana Bose
Publisher/ Imprint: Harper Collins India/ Harper Vantage
Pages: 184
Genre/ Sub Genre: Fiction/ Short Stories
Rating: 4.25 of 5.00
Reviewed for: The Tales Pensieve Kindle Pick of the month – December 2015

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